About us

Company Eco-Global, Ltd. has been set up in 1997 primary as Business Company but during last five years it has been gradually developing for Research & Development Company.

Scope of Company

Research and development in the field of industrial waste processing with the aim to produce reusable components for metallurgy as well as services in the field of environmental audits.

Company Eco-Global, Ltd. is a member of Research & Development Workplace for Raw Materials Extraction and Treatment on Technical University in Košice (www.vrp.sk, www.tuke.sk) as well as it is foundation member of National Technological Platform for Production, Development and Innovation of Raw Materials (www.ntpvvis.sk) where it has been participated on the platform “Recycling & Substitution”.

Main Research & Development Projects

  1. Material and energetic assessing of waste with the intention of industrial as well as municipal waste processing – especial processing of industrial waste with Fe, Cu, Cr, Zn ,Pb and Al content (top-gas mud and dust, dust from agglomeration, steelmaking mud and dust, red mud incipient in the process of aluminium production from bauxit via so called Bayer process, waste with higher content of Cu a Cr with the emphasis on the most effective separation of Cu ).
  2. Separation of biological components from municipal waste and their follow-up utilize for production of electric energy and heat together with solid components from municipal waste.
  3. Research relating to meaningful ways of environmental ballast liquidation.
  4. Renewable electric energy sources, various ways of electricity production and research relating to  renewable energy sources.

Research & Development Base Camp:

1. Pilot technology for blast furnace pellets:

2. PHOTOVOLTAIC – electric energy production from sun energy

  • Installed power 72kWh on the building roof
  • Agreement with the Company Východoslovenská distribučná, a.s. which is operating a distribution system on the selected territory which includes the Košice, Prešov and part of the Banská Bystrica for 15 years including state guaranty of price
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Ecological running
  • Economic life 30 years.

3. VAPOUR BURNER  – production of electric energy from split fuel-wood 

  • Installed power  50kWh
  • Ecological running which uses solar energy bonded in cellulose. Cellulose is transformed through endothermic and exothermic chemical reactions in combined system into methane, hydrogen and CO. By-product is heat used for heating.

4. High-pressure pressing machine ATM Arno Brik 18 for processing of metallurgy  waste


  1. Production of reusable blast furnace pellet ( tested on pilot plant ) which was made from mixture of top-gas mud and dust, steelmaking mud and dust, dust from agglomeration and oil scale by using waste oils, emulsions,  tars and petroleum sludge as reduction agents.
  2. Ferum concentrate and follow-up Fe pellet produced from red mud after separation of Fe from red mud.
  3. Prototype of small vapour burner for woody bulk and production of electricity from split fuel-wood  with power 50kWh
  4. Production of renewable energy sources via photovoltaic panels with installed power 72kWh.

Our plans:

Research & Development of red mud processing with the aim to separate Fe reusable for pig-iron and steel production as well as to separate Al reusable for production of aluminium.